[Koha] Remainder of title not showing up in Koha catalog

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You might also want to add subfields n and p.  However, it only works if you don't use XSLT stylesheets.

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Op 30-08-12 00:23, Hartman, David W. - GBTS Library schreef:
> Hello all!
>   When my patrons search the Koha OPAC, they see the title but not the subtitle.  All of the "Remainder of title" fields are filled in Cataloging module but the catalog only displays the title and not the subtitle.  Is there a setting I need to adjust somewhere?

This annoys me too, we need some kind of "title builder" for stuff like this I think. However what you can do in the short term is go to the "Keyword to MARC mapping" thing in administration, and set up a field with name "subtitle", MARC field 245 and subfield 'b' (assuming you're on MARC21)

This should then start working.

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