[Koha] Error when reindexing

Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 30 03:57:36 NZST 2012

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$ free –m
            total  used free shared buffers cached
Mem:          975   690  285      0      39    540
-/+ buffers/cache:  109  866
Swap:        1906
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That does seem pretty small in terms of free memory, but it could be barely enough, since your number of records is “small”. You can confirm this even more by running the full reindex in one window, and then ‘free -m -s 1’ in another. As it reindexes, the free memory should go down. When you hit an error, go look at the numbers being displayed. Is it less than 50MB free? If so, you have a memory problem, because a single browse to your koha opac and that memory is gone.

If it is a memory issue, you can always try turning off apache2 for the duration of the index, and seeing if the extra memory helps enough.
$ sudo service apache2 stop
[ run the reindex – watch out for potential permission problems ]
$ sudo service apache2 start

But given that it did continue, it could be a data issue with the bibliorecords given.
Have you tried looking at those records to see if there is a data problem?
Do those records have more data compared to the others?

This is unfortunately where my expertise starts running out.

Mark Tompsett  

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