[Koha] 3.8 vanishing authorities

Ian Bays ian.bays at ptfs-europe.com
Tue Aug 28 19:49:48 NZST 2012

We also found that on a recent upgrade and discovered that the lines in 
the record.abs had trailing spaces on some of the subfield 9 entries on 
topical subjects.  This caused zebra to complain/ignore these and hence 
the 0 biblios.
I believe Colin Campbell has logged a bug on it (8653):
I think there is a patch for it.
On 27/08/2012 23:19, Elaine Bradtke wrote:
> This is really odd, because it works ok in the test site, but not
> production.
> When I search on headings, the topical terms erroneously claim to have 0
> biblios attached. They were there yesterday.
> The name authorities are fine.
> I'm trying to figure out what is different between the test and production
> sites that would cause this problem.  And why only the topical terms?  Have
> we missed a step somewhere?
> Sorry, I feel like a pest!

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