[Koha] Upgrade to 3.8 causes phantom search results

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Tue Aug 28 08:27:42 NZST 2012

Strange thing happened after we upgraded to 3.8 (from 3.4). We seem to have
Hits that lead nowhere, in both the OPAC and staff interface.
When a search is performed it lists x number of results.
Scroll down the list and many of them look normal
Some however have a result number, and nothing else - no title, no items,
nothing.  If you mouseover the link it says biblioitemno= [blank]
If you click on edit record, you get a blank form.

It appears that somehow the number of hits is doubling, and half of these
are non-existent.  This conclusion is from a very small sample set, working
with a few titles that I know are unique. The ghost appears immediately
following the real record in the hit list.
Rebuilt the zebra, and it still does it.
We didn't notice it at first, because in the staff interface, the ghosts
come at the end of the hit list, and when I test upgrades I tend to go for
searches that I know will hit a wide swath of the catalogue, so I didn't
see the problem at the end of the list.
Oddly, it's more noticeable in the OPAC.

http://catalogue.efdss.org/ if you want to see.
Try search terms queen and mogul for a small set of hits.

Is there some setting that would cause this? I admit to meddling with some
of the global preferences following the upgrade, but nothing radical.
 Changing them back didn't seem to fix the problem.
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