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franc at library.iisc.ernet.in franc at library.iisc.ernet.in
Mon Aug 27 22:10:01 NZST 2012

On Mon, 27 Aug 2012,  Dagne Woldie, MS/HS Library Assistant wrote:

> we are using koha 3.8, the OPAC is not displaying the call no. is there 
> a way how to fix this.
> thanks
> Dagne

While importing records into Koha, I had the same problem, initially. In 
my case the problem was surfacing because field tag 951$o was not defined. 
Once that was taken care off, the problem was resolved.

952$o should be set to Class no. + Book o. i.e., field tags 82$a and 82$b.

Here is a sample record from our OPAC.

=LDR  00000nam  2200000Ia 45e0^M
=008  120819s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d^M
=020  \\$a0-87692-514-10^M
=082  \\$a005.133$bN884^M
=245  \\$aPrinciples of computer programming (Fortran 77 for IBM PC) /by
V. Rajaraman.^M
=250  \\$a3rd.^M
=260  \\$aNew Delhi$bP-H of India$c1988^M
=300  \\$a246p^M
=653  \\$a<Programming, Electronic digital computers Computer programming
=700  \\$aRajaraman, V.^M
=952  \\$aJRDTML$bJRDTML$yBK$p144621    $o005.133 N884^M

Hope this helps.

  - Francis

JRD Tata Memorial Library
IISc, Bangalore, India

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