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We get our covers free from Open Library; our OpenLibraryCovers preference
in "Enhanced Content preferences" is set to "Add."  (We're on Koha 3.8.)

I just wrote a section for our manual on covers--perhaps others would find
it interesting.  ("Keys" is our catalog, http://keys.bywatersolutions.com/

   To add cover images to Keys, scan the cover (or the open cover &
   spine--whatever looks best) as a .jpg, in color, with at least 300dpi,
   and crop the image appropriately.

   Add the cover to Open Library (it's the source for our covers):

         You don't need a login/account at Open Library to add a cover.

         If necessary, copy the record over from OCLC & add that to Open
         Library as well.  If the item has an ISBN, be sure it is in the
         OCLC/Keys record and the Open Library record, and it will come
         over into Keys from Open Library automatically.

   If the item does not have an ISBN, then add the cover to Keys; c.f. the
   section in the Koha manual for adding cover images to the local catalog.

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