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Landers, Paul paul.landers at ttuhsc.edu
Wed Aug 15 08:00:12 NZST 2012

Owen, this was very helpful for some related questions, but I'm still not sure I understand for to define an element for a specific Koha page.  For example, on the query wiki are these 3 examples:

$("#memberentry_contact label[for='phone']").html("Primary Phone :");

  $("#memberentry_messaging_prefs tr:contains('Upcoming Events')").empty();
  $("#patron-messaging-prefs tr:contains('Upcoming Events')").empty();

These seem to be "Koha" elements rather than standard DOM elements.  How would I know that, or am I missing something?



Paul Landers
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On Aug 14, 2012, at 2:09 PM, Owen Leonard wrote:

But how do we determine the
selector for any particular element on any particular Koha page?  I'm not sure
that I see that FireBug reveals 'opac-main-search' as part of any element's
description in the OPAC.

I wrote some about that for KohaCon 2009. Jump to the "Fine control
with your custom stylesheet" heading on this post:

See if that helps,


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Athens County Public Libraries

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