[Koha] Koha logs

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Aug 15 01:31:36 NZST 2012

Op 14-08-12 15:18, Linda schreef:
> I do think it would be helpful to have more documentation about Koha
> logs in general, including its use of MySQL logs if possible. and how to
> deal with those. Just my two cents worth.

Well, in this case it was (I think) mostly referring to system log
files. These are quite out of the scope of Koha, and are things like the
bootup records for the server, and what it's been doing. They aren't
koha-specific at all, with the exception of the few that are (which
again depend on what your webserver and zebra are configured to log.)

Even MySQL logs wouldn't (in general) be useful to people who aren't
sysadmins, and may leak private data in some situations if they were
made more accessible.

I was going to chuck in an example of what's logged by mysql, but it
seems that it's empty unless things are going wrong...

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