[Koha] help for debian partition for koha

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Aug 14 21:10:46 NZST 2012

Op 10-08-12 07:54, Ram Verma schreef:
> /(root) = ?
> /boot =?
> /usr =?
> /var =?
> /opt =?
> /tmp =?
> /backup for koha-data (manually created)  =?

With 320GB, you're fine no matter what you do. It does depend on the
size of your collection though, that's the key thing. But something like:
/var = 150GB
/ = 30GB

with everything else being under '/' should be fine, and if you set it
up using LVM you can always reallocate space in the future should you
need to.

If you want to have backups in their own place, how much space you give
that depends completely on how many backups you store, what exactly
you're storing there, and how big your database is. If you start with
something like 20GB, then you can resize it later on should you find
it's not enough (though, if you regularly sync stuff off-site, which you
should do anyway, it won't need to be all that big.)

These are guidelines anyway, other practices vary.

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