[Koha] Why are our borrowers being restricted?

Tim Hannah Tim.Hannah at minedu.govt.nz
Tue Aug 14 10:07:46 NZST 2012

Ah, I feel slightly silly, but better for having asked.

Thanks Jared, (and Katrin & Chris). It's obvious, when you look at it right.


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* Jared Camins-Esakov (jcamins at cpbibliography.com) wrote:
> Tim,
> Restrictions are put in place about 5 minutes before emailed overdue
> > notices are received, so guessing it's the same process.
> >
> > Overdue notice/status triggers Restrict column is unchecked.
> > Preference OversBlockCirc is set to Don't block
> > All fines are set to 0.00, MaxFine is set to 0.00. Maxoutstanding and
> > Noissuescharge is set to 100.00.
> >
> > Anyone see any obvious preferences we may have missed that could be
> > causing this?
> >
> It's not exactly "obvious," but could you check the Overdue notice/status
> triggers again, and make sure that you either don't have overdue triggers
> for any libraries other than the default library, or that *none* of them
> have the Restrict box checked?
> Also, when you say "restricted," what is the exact message you are getting
> when you go to check out books to this patron? (or, if you are noticing the
> restriction in another context, where exactly do you notice the
> restrictions)
Ah ha!

Thank you Jared!

Tim, if you go to Overdue notice/status triggers and switch the
library drop down from All, to Ministry of Education.

I bet you have restrict switched on there.

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