[Koha] Suggestion on Amazon wish-list look-ups

Manos Petridis egpetridis at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 19:10:21 NZST 2012

Ideas and suggestions for future development:

Add the facility to look-up Amazon wish-lists and add their contents (conditionally if possible) as purchase suggestions. 
I don't know if I may be considered the norm, but have set-up several wish-lists myself in the various Amazon shops (US, UK, FR, IT, DE, JP), roughly 8-12 lists per shop.
It would therefore be useful to be able to paste the URLs of the various lists to a window and have koha recurse/run through them, provide the aggregated result list for verification, and then add the selected items as purchase suggestions to the library. 
I understand that this could be expanded to cover many other on-line shops, it's just that I'm a long-time Amazon customer and keep my wish-lists there.

Thank you for your time and cnsideration
Manos Petridis

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