[Koha] Importing Catalogue Records

Marc Véron veron at veron.ch
Mon Aug 13 18:10:08 NZST 2012


Nicole Engard made a great video tutorial for this:



Am 13.08.2012 07:22, schrieb clint.deckard:
> Francis,
> I think I can help here as I have just been going through this process. I
> am not a Koha expert and if I have made a mistake I invite anyone to
> correct me please.
> Item Type is stored at 952$y, current location is stored at 952$b, Home
> library is stored at 952$a and call number at 952$o
> These fields do not appear in your records.
> You could use a tool such as MarcEdit to add these fields with the
> appropriate data for your library. Call number is a bit more difficult if
> it is stored in a variety of sub fields in the original record.
> I hope this helps.
> Clint Deckard.
> franc at library.iisc.ernet.in wrote:
>> Dear Members,
>> I'm trying to import a few sample records using the 'Stage MARC records
>> for import' feature of KOHA-3.08.03. A sample ,mrk record is given below
>> for your reference:
>> =LDR  00000nam  2200000Ia 45e0^M
>> =008  120810s9999\\\\xx\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\und\d^M
>> =020  \\$a001^M
>> =082  \\$a541.39$bN37^M
>> =100  \\$aBailey, K.C.^M
>> =245  \\$aGalactose regulation of yeast: From genetics to systms^M
>> =260  \\$c1937$bEdward Arnold$aBANGALORE^M
>> =300  \\$a100P^M
>> =952  \\$p2^M
>> After converting the .mrk file to .mrc file, records are successfully
>> imported. While staging the records for importing, I have ensured that the
>> 'check for embedded item data record' is set to 'yes'.
>> Indexing through Zebra goes through without any issues. However, in the
>> search results, the Holding Details for 'item type', 'current location',
>> 'home library' and 'call number' are all blank. I have looked up the Koha
>> documentation and also the Koha list's archived content, but not been able
>> to find a solution for my problem. Could I request for some guidance from
>> the fellow members?
>> In the Administrative cataloging preferences, NewItemsDefaultLocation is
>> set to JRDTML, the only library that exists as of now.
>> Thanks for your attention.
>>  - Francis
>> JRDTML, IISc, Bangalore, India

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