[Koha] No search results and zebra warning

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Aug 2 02:39:10 NZST 2012

Op 01-08-12 15:49, Marius Stoica schreef:
> Thanks, I've created an instance specifing the "--marcflavor unimarc" flag,
> imported the records and then rebuild zebra index. No luck; zebra or
> nozebra there are no results after a search query. Here is the output from
> my koha-rebuild-zebra command:
> root at koha:~# koha-rebuild-zebra -f bjar3
>> > 16:33:58-01/08 zebraidx(2635) [warn] Index 'tpubdate' not found in
>> > attset(s)

No real ideas sorry, just to say hat that looks quite bad. I'm no
unimarc expert however.

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