[Koha] KOHA Hold Settings & Costs

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Wed Aug 1 18:43:12 NZST 2012

On 31/07/12 10:21, Josh Mikow wrote:
> Good Afternoon,
> I'm a tech person who is working with our church librarians to upgrade
> their software and they asked me a few things about KOHA that I'm not sure
> about.
> 1. Can we have an email sent whenever a hold is placed on a resource by a
> patron?  This would allow us to notify the librarians so they can pull the
> resource.
Yes.  There's also a Holds to Pull report.
> 2. How do we set the replacement costs for a resource?
Populate items.replacementprice
> 3. How do we configure the system to automatically set fines for resources
> that are checked out?
The Circulation and Fines Rules provide for this.
> 4. Is there a way to show the amazon image of a resource if we don't have
> one available?
I'm not sure what you mean by #4 - certainly Koha has Amazon support.
> We're currently on version 3.8.03 and I really don't know anything about
> library management so any help would be very much appreciated.

So the manual is your friend:
Hope this helps,
Bob Birchall

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