[Koha] Right To Left in Arabic KOHA

Karam Qubsi karamqubsi at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 06:57:26 NZST 2012

Hi all .
I'm looking to develop the result of koha translation process in Arabic

as you know the Arabic language is deffer from English

in Arabic we read and write from right to left

this is  possible to be modified by hand but if we want to create an
Arabic version of koha we need to make the text by default goes from
right to left .

so what we have to do to make this koha Arabic Version ?
and make it as a choice in the installations steps when selecting Arabic.

I think my group can edit the css files and make this ok (direction rtl )

 but how to make this changes Permanent for every new Arabic Koha installation

can we make some default template for Arabic language , or that can be
selected from the po files in some way ?
or it must be included in the koha package , or what  ?

Both Arabic and Hebrew, and the non-Semitic languages using the Arabic
or the Hebrew alphabet, such as Persian and Yiddish, are written from
right to left (except for their numbers!). Urdu which is also derived
from Arabic and Persian language and ancient indo - aryan language
binti is written from right to left. Ancient Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek
and the oldest Latin could be written in both directions.
Also Chinese and Japanese can be written right to left (also written
from top to bottom, vertically).
Korean is NOT written from right to left

I wish we discuss this to make the next koha version fully supported
for Arabic language

Kind regards

Karam Qubsi
Koha Arab translation Team
Wikibrary for Arab librarians

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