[Koha] Merging several books under one biblio

Tobin, Jessica L jtobin at fhcrc.org
Fri Apr 6 08:57:32 NZST 2012

     You can also merge catalog records using a list.  See the relevant section of the manual here:



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At 09:44 AM 4/5/2012 +0800, Abdulhameed Muhammad Gambo wrote:
>Dear all
>i have several books with the same title, author name but with having 
>different biblio number, how can i merge them to be under one biblio.
>thank you

Example:  you have biblio 123 and 124; you want both items under 123.  >From admin homepage search (.../search.pl?... will appear at the end of the URL in your browser); click on the title of 124 (URL .../detail.pl?...), copy the Barcode, go back one screen, click the title of 123, "edit", "attach item".  Go back to 124 and "edit", "delete record."

Note that if you have different publisher, edition date, edition statement, whatever ... you will lose that data.  Our cataloguers only use it for exact duplicate biblios taht have been entered in error.

hth - paul 

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