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Fri Sep 23 17:36:48 NZST 2011

Dear Koha community,

I am resending this message as it has not appeared in my inbox and may not be
recognising my email address - my apologies if this is your second copy. 

Please can you help me with this reservoir problem: we recently upgraded to after a server meltdown with the previous version. 

This is not a live library - I use Koha for teaching cataloguing, and am trying
to populate the branch library with downloaded records (so students can learn
how to amend them to build their familiarity with the Cataloguing Module).  

However, all the records I download using Z39.50 are stuck in the reservoir and
do not enter the catalogue. In the previous version records went to both locations. 

Every keyword Catalogue search I do says: 

“No results found 
Biblios in reservoir”
There are certainly items in the reservoir, but the only options for these are
Preview: MARC/Card and Add Biblio.

How do I transfer items from the Reservoir to the Catalogue?

I have read the section in the Koha 3.2 manual about Staged MARC Records, but I
do not know how to save files with an .mrc file extension, and it would take
forever with each record. It worked so neatly before.    

I could not find anything on this in the Koha 3.4 Manual – did I miss something?

Viktor mentioned a related problem in a posting in June, but the Bug 3069
(http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=3069) he linked to
does not have a solution yet. 

I must be missing something as no library could function with items only showing
in the reservoir, and it does not seem to have caused undue concern on the list. 

Confession: currently I have a large number of unread messages in my Koha email
folder, but I can’t find anything more in the Koha community archive. I also
used the Google search tool set up by Lori, which was helpful but did not locate
a fix. There is a 2008 posting which says that rebuild_zebra needs to be running
smoothly – could that be the problem? My IT guy has just gone home so I can’t

Have we missed something in the setup? How can I get these records transferred
easily to the catalogue? 

There is an assignment on this which is due shortly, so I need to get it fixed

Thanks in advance

Pam Bidwell, Lecturer Library/Information Studies
School of Education
The University of the South Pacific
Laucala Campus, Suva, FIJI
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