[Koha] Additional packages for install_misc/debian.packages

Eduardo Trápani etrapani at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 01:56:30 NZDT 2011


The setup instructions for Debian are great!  I have Koha now up and
running.  I wanted to share the list of packages I had to install on
Debian 6.0.  It seems nothing is needed from CPAN right now.

Could you include this list in install_misc/debian.packages?

List of additional packages for Debian 6.0 squeeze:

libalgorithm-checkdigits-perl install
libbiblio-endnotestyle-perl install
libyaml-perl install
libxml-rss-perl install
libtext-csv-encoded-perl install
libtemplate-perl install
libschedule-at-perl install
libsms-send-perl install
libpdf-table-perl install
libpdf-reuse-perl install
libpdf-api2-simple-perl install
libpdf-reuse-barcode-perl install
libnumber-format-perl install
libnet-z3950-zoom-perl install
libauthen-cas-client-perl install
libbusiness-isbn-perl install
libcgi-session-serialize-yaml-perl install
libhtml-template-pro-perl install
libhttp-oai-perl install
liblingua-stem-snowball-perl install
liblocale-currency-format-perl install
libmarc-charset-perl install
libmemoize-memcached-perl install
libnet-server-perl install
libmarc-crosswalk-dublincore-perl install
libmarc-xml-perl install


libcgi-session-driver-memcached-perl install

Right now libcgi-session-driver-memcached-perl is available on
testing[1], not on stable.  But you can download it from here[2] and
install it manually, there are no dependency problems.



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