[Koha] Barcode and spine label printing in Koha

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Hi Jared,

I see your point, even though you could probably give the correct dimensions of the sheet and choose the proper starting point for the label you probably could only do only one barcode at a time, assuming the sheet is ordered spine label, barcode label on the same row(s).


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So far as I know, that is not possible at present. I know some libraries who are using that type of label use OCLC's Connexion software to print out their labels. I'm sorry I couldn't be the bearer of better nows.


2011/10/12 Hartman, David W. - GBTS Library <David.W.Hartman at disney.com<mailto:David.W.Hartman at disney.com>>

    Is it possible to print both barcodes and spine labels on the same sheet?  I see Gaylord has a label set, Gaylord LSL04 for both barcode and spine labels. If so, does someone have a template for this or similar?  :)

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