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Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Mon May 30 13:56:32 NZST 2011

sysadmin schreef op zo 29-05-2011 om 17:00 [-0700]:
> I wasn't quite to sure on how to restore the backed up database on the
> newly
> built koha :( so I just used the marc record from the old koha
> system. 

A backup is not a backup if you can't restore it.

> The new system is a virtual machine which makes backup a little bit
> simpler,
> but it will be nice to learn on how to do a complete restore of koha
> from
> the backed up databases. 

Well, I'm of the opinion that a database snapshot is the most reliable
way to back up a database. You know that it's in a consistent state, and
it's readily accessible. Also, you could load it into another mysql
database and extract the missing records into your koha records without
too much difficulty, I should think.

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