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LAURENT Henri-Damien henridamien.laurent at biblibre.com
Fri May 27 22:05:42 NZST 2011

Le 26/05/2011 10:42, schwitzd a écrit :
> Hi 
> I configured Koha to send email when one items is placed hold, but i don't
> receive nothing.
> Sendmail is working becouse if i try to send email directly from the server
> I received it.
> I'm using koha 3.4.1
> Thanks a lot
> Daniel

I think it is because your Mail::Sendmail module is not properly setup.

You need to change it in the Sendmail.pm in order to add your smtp
server in place of localhost.
I think that koha could have some config param for smtp server (and not
in sysprefs but in koha-conf.xml) and use that in the scripts. But when
Sendmail is properly set up, it works fine.

Hope that helps.
Henri-Damien LAURENT

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