[Koha] Customisation in Staff Clinet Interface of Koha

Owen Leonard oleonard at myacpl.org
Fri May 27 07:49:49 NZST 2011

> Is there any way we can customize the client interface and rearrange
> all the modules as per the requirement of the client.

There are three basic ways to change the Koha interface:

1. CSS
2. JavaScript (DOM manipulation using the IntranetUserCSS system preference)
3. Template edits

1 and 2 are very much preferable given the long-term maintenance
problems inherent in trying to maintain a customized set of templates
through upgrades.

> There are some module like acquisition and serial control which is primarily
> not required by the library.

These might be best hidden by removing the privileges from the staff
users in question.

> Can we have multiple CSS files for a single installation for both staff client
> interface and web OPAC.

I don't understand the goal is behind this question.

  -- Owen

Web Developer
Athens County Public Libraries

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