[Koha] Question for Libraries using Koha's Self Checkout

Keener, Nancy NKeener at washoecounty.us
Fri May 27 03:09:07 NZST 2011

Nicole, we are just getting started building our self checks.  We have a
desensitizer brick embedded right under the scanner, and not connected
to anything.  When you scan your item for check out, it desensitizes at
the same time.  Yes, you can desensitize without checking anything out.
We feel that any losses incurred due to patrons desensitizing the items
without checking them out will be more than offset by the savings in
building and maintaining our own machines.  I have spoken to other
libraries that have come to the same conclusion.  Anyway, this is how we
are starting with our self checks.

Nancy Keener
Systems Librarian
Washoe County Library System
775 327-8347
nkeener at washoecounty.us

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For libraries that are using Koha's self checkout module I'm wondering
how you're desensitizing books so that they don't set off your
security devices - or do you not have security devices.

Thanks in advance,
Nicole C. Engard
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