[Koha] Koha - changing the item edits screen

Linda Culberson lculber at mdah.state.ms.us
Fri May 27 01:10:49 NZST 2011

I apologize for not getting back to  everyone about this. We've had a 
variety of the usual calamities - users with computer viruses, switches 
and UPS's going bad, hard drive failures...

I tried using the ignore setting in the 952 framework but since those 
two fields (Permanent Location and Current Location) are 
required/mandatory, it generated an error in my MARC Bibliographic 
Framework Test.   So, I was afraid to use that method even though it did 
fix the display.

I also tried the javascripts supplied by Stefano and Daniel.  I think 
because I had already removed some fields, the column numbers were off, 
and it didn't display properly.  About that time, the stars aligned 
against me and I decided that this particular problem could wait.

Thanks to everyone for your help, and I promise to let everyone know how 
this turns out, assuming the viruses and system failures don't get to me 


> Subject:
> Re: [Koha] Koha - changing the item edits screen
> From:
> Stefano Bargioni <bargioni at pusc.it>
> Date:
> Thu, 26 May 2011 09:19:44 +0200
> To:
> Koha List <koha at lists.katipo.co.nz>
> Hi Daniel,
> some days ago I wrote to Linda:
>> > Dear Linda:
>> > before replying to the list, and if you are experienced with Firebug on Firefox (or its equivalent in Chrome or Safari), try
>> >
>> > $('#cataloguing_additem_itemlist th:nth-child(8)').css('display','none'); // 9th column header is at pos 8
>> > $('#cataloguing_additem_itemlist td:nth-child(9)').css('display','none');
>> > $('#cataloguing_additem_itemlist th:nth-child(9)').css('display','none'); // 10th column header is at pos 9
>> > $('#cataloguing_additem_itemlist td:nth-child(10)').css('display','none');
>> >
>> > If this is ok for you, we have to wrap this lines into some more javascript code to place it into the intranetuserjs syspref.
>> > Let me know.
>> > Bye. Stefano
> Up to now, no reply from her. But we can compare our solutions. They seem very similar.
> Of course, both require to be wrapped into
> $(document).ready(function() {
>  // our code
> })
> Stefano

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