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Caitlin McGurk mcgurk at cartoonstudies.org
Wed May 25 08:08:01 NZST 2011

Interesting- fixed the OPAC configuration, so thanks for that.

I'm also finding that although you can tag an item, you still can't search
for that tag and get any results. Seems silly to me that tagging would be
worth anything in Koha at all if that's the case. Maybe I'm just not
understanding the feature, but I would think that implementing tags *should*
be there to make searching more robust.

Has anyone had much luck with the LibraryThing for Libraries function? My
institution is thinking about getting it to fix this tagging issue. If
anyone is currently using it, I'd be curious to know whether or not it
allows you to find the tags in a catalog search.

Caitlin M

2011/5/24 G. Laws <glawson at rhcl.org>

>  I don't think you can tag from the staff interface. We've talked about
> doing some tagging enhancements; so maybe this will be a good discussion
> topic.
> However, you clearly have a separate problem with tagging from the OPAC
> that needs to be resolved. You have to enable tagging in the staff
> interface. In the OPAC configuration there are several settings, like
> tagsenabled and tagsmoderated, etc. Check those.
> Of interest, however, I now see that the text for tagsenabled says it
> enables both patrons and staff to tag, so I don't know what's with that.
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> On 05/24/2011 01:48 PM, Caitlin McGurk wrote:
> Hey all,
>  How does Tagging work in Koha? Can it be done through the administrative
> end? I can't find a section for it, other than from the patron side. When I
> try to add tags to certain books as a patron, they do not save and the item
> does not appear when a search is done for that tag after.
>  Suggestions?
>  CM
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