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Kurt Bodling kbodling at mountvernon.org
Tue May 24 09:04:35 NZST 2011

Haven't been entering anything in this box - until now.  It looks like the changes only appear on the staff side, not in the OPAC. Interesting, but odd.

I understand the mention of a url to be a generic way to get any url that happens to be in an 856 $u to pop itself in at that point.  But if it's only showing up in the cataloging module, cui bono?

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> On the Item Type admin page there is a box for 'summary' and under
> that box it says
> 'Enter a summary that will overwrite the default one in search results
> lists. Example, for a website itemtype :
> <a href="[856u]">open site</a> will show the link just below the title'
> I am wondering if anyone uses the summary on item types and what this
> message means.  Why would I have a URL for an item type? Aren't the
> URLs on the bibs and items themselves? I'm wondering if this is a
> carry over from a much older version and is even necessary anymore. If
> it is necessary can I have a more detailed explanation that I can put
> in the manual please?
> Thanks
> Nicole
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