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Hello Jonson,

I am not sure that what you want is possible with Koha. In a similar circumstance, what I did was to upload the pdf files into a document manager component in Joomla CMS and then put the url for the document in Koha's 856u. So when you click on it in OPAC, it opens a new window in Joomla telling you that you must login to access the document. This of course means you duplicate your users in Joomla.

A solution which I thought of but has not tried is to upload the files into a directory protected by apache's htaccess file which authenticate to an LDAP Server. Then also have Koha authenticate to the same LDAP server. That way you wont have to bother about synchronizing users between Koha and Joomla.

My 2 cents!

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hii uploaded some fulltext PDF on koha and insert url in 856u to access , when i click 856u  downloaded fulltext without user account, i changed authnotrequired => 1 to   => 0 in perl but opac-detail in all records required ID and password , any way to secure only filed 856u or secure the records has contains 856u to access from my patrons only. thank's 

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