[Koha] koha Active Directory

LAURENT Henri-Damien henridamien.laurent at biblibre.com
Wed May 18 22:05:27 NZST 2011

Le 16/05/2011 17:55, schwitzd a écrit :
> thanks now I'm able to login... 
> but there is one other problem, our active directory structure is like this
> - City
> -- Departement1
> -- Departement2
> -- Departementn
> The user are splitted in the departement OU.
> If i configure Koha to link in one Departement OU the user inside this it
> could login in koha but the other one OU no...
> If I link koha to the up level OU (City) nobody can login into koha.
I sent a proposition on koha-devel list about the management of multiple OU,
I've had no feedback.
It was a quite heavy rewrite of the Auth_with_ldap.pm... But was
allowing a more manageable way to do identification for each library.
And I think there was also some documentation with this module.
But definetely, what you would need is a new feature and not possible at
the moment with the code.
Henri-Damien LAURENT

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