[Koha] encoding problem with Armenian records

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Wed May 18 08:47:33 NZST 2011

2011/5/17 Tigran Zargaryan <tigran at flib.sci.am>:
> Hi List,
> working with 3.4
> cataloging, retrieval, display of bibliogrpahic records in Armenian is going
> fine.
> In OPAC mode for Armenian records search and retrieval are working fine
> (Fig.1).
> After record display, when clicking on any terms from the Subject(s) (fig2),
> not correct codes are displayed (Fig3). These symbols are not having any
> relation to Armenian letters.
> The same is displayed upon stopping mouse on the Author or subjects (see
> Fig4).
> Any ideas?

Hi Tigran

I would file a bug at bugs.koha-community.org it is most likely
something to do with trying html escape the url, or something


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