[Koha] Search has stopped working

Chris Hobbs chobbs at nhusd.k12.ca.us
Tue May 17 05:46:59 NZST 2011

Our search has stopped working in both the staff client and the OPAC.
Regardless of the type of search we attempt, we end up with nothing being

Based on prior similar issues posted on the mailing list, here's what we've
confirmed and/or attempted:

1) OpacSuppression is, and has been, set to 'hide', an index exists on
'Suppress' (we use MARC21), and there are currently 84 suppressed biblios in
the system.

2) I ran rebuild_zebra.pl -b -a -r in the hope that corrupt indexes were the
problem. Two distinct [warn]'s pop up ("Index 'any' not found in attset(s)"
and "Index 'Heading-Main' not found in attset(s)"), both of which I'm pretty
sure we've been receiving since day one, but no errors and the indexing

3) Nothing in the system has changed recently (in many weeks, in fact). We
are running version and planning on upgrading to 3.4 this coming

What do I check next?



Chris Hobbs
Director, Technology
New Haven Unified School District
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