[Koha] Koha hardware interface

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sat May 14 12:35:02 NZST 2011

Lori Bowen Ayre <lori.ayre at galecia.com>
> I may be able to shake loose some funding for this.  I'm pretty sure I could
> help you get an development partner (library) with RFID self-check and ISO
> 28560 compliant tags.
> Do you have a more format spec or RFC?

I'm sure I've more info but it's 1am Saturday here now so I can't put
my hand on it.  It is ISO-28560 tags and we've got it working with
TRF7960 (definitely) and MicroRWD (probably, needs retesting) USB pads
using the usb-serial drivers on Linux and MacOS X.  Having USB pads as
well as a self-check is the tricky part to find.  Thanks - it could be
very helpful.  I'll get an RFC up as soon as I can.  Please add
yourself as a cc to the bug?

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