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MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sat May 14 08:57:15 NZST 2011

ajesh at maxenna.com wrote:
>  I have recently installed Koha3.4 on Ubuntu.
>  But what we want to implement is an RFID reader instead of the barcode
> scanner. Each book will have a RFID tag. The patron will pick the books
> from the shelf and bring it and place some books on top of RFID reader
> which will read all the books at once, say for example 4-5 books at once.
>  My doubt is how can I read this information into koha. Any suggestion
> please.

I have code for this.  It works basically like you describe, although
I note that reading tags on electronic kit is a bit of a pain.  Even
DVDs will shield some tags, so choose carefully.

The last release was for 3.0, which is just being end-of-lifed.  It
needs updating for 3.4 and the recent ISO standard for RFID tags, but
is already in use by at least one library.  I plan to be updating it
for 3.4 and then 3.6 as soon as funding is agreed.  It will go quicker
with either help or additional funding.  Do you have either?

More details or a place to subscribe for news:

Hope that helps,
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