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Agnes Rivers-Moore arm at hanover.ca
Sat May 14 04:43:06 NZST 2011

Thank you for the response.
I am still hoping someone has done some work in this area, as dissecting 
Apache logs is probably beyond my skill.

We already run SQL reports to count holds placed and filled - but I am 
not aware of a way to detect whether the hold was placed through the 
OPAC or by staff. Is there such a field in Koha's tables? If so, what is 
the field name?

We do have Apache on RedHat - can anyone direct me to the directory 
where the Apache web logs would be, or tell me the filename to search for?

Thank you

On 11/05/2011 7:40 PM, Greg Barniskis wrote:
> On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 4:05 PM, Agnes Rivers-Moore <arm at hanover.ca 
> <mailto:arm at hanover.ca>> wrote:
>     Hello all
>     Is there a way to extract usage statistics for the public
>     catalogue of Koha?
>     I would like to be able to make a report that would show daily numbers
>     of main page access, number of searches, number of holds placed,
>     number
>     of renewals done by our patrons through the OPAC.
>     Does anyone have a method for this?
>     Is there a log file we could query to generate these number?
>     Has anyone added a web page analytics thing to get this kind of usage
>     information?
>     We are on 3.00.06, moving to 3.2 soon.
>     Thank you
>     Agnes
> Hi Agnes,
> You may need to try a couple of different methods to get at the 
> different kinds of information you're looking for.
> A statistic like "how many times was the main page accessed?" is 
> probably best answered by looking at the log files for the web server 
> and running them through software designed to analyze web server logs. 
> So, Apache log files if your web server runs Apache (it probably 
> does). Your web log may also have a lot to say about the kinds of 
> searches being made.
> A statistic like number of holds might be better exposed through a SQL 
> query, particularly if you wanted to combine that with questions like 
> "who placed holds?" and "on what?". Off the cuff, I don't know the 
> syntax you'd need for any of that, but it might be in the community's 
> SQL report wiki, found at 
> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Library. In any case, 
> a lot of useful things are there. If you come up with some clever new 
> SQL query to get at your desired info, please contribute it there.
> Hope that helps,
> Greg


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