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Holds will remain in the system indefinitely if they are never filled.  I
suppose this could happen if the queue was constantly rearranged to put
someone at the bottom every time, but generally, it cycles through and
everyone gets their material eventually.  If it's very popular, the wait may
just be very long.

Once the hold is marked as 'ready' and is waiting on the hold shelf, the
patron has <<ReservesMaxPickupDelay>> days to come and get it before it's
marked problematic.  ReservesMaxPickupDelay is a system preference you can
set in the Circulation tab.

Even after that date is past, the hold will still exist (it's not
auto-cancelled, though we're working on making that an option).  It will
appear on a separate report for manual review and cancellation.

If you've got a use-case where a hold would need a default "not needed
after" date, I'd love to hear it; I'm having trouble picturing it on my own,
but I absolutely believe there is a possible situation where this may be



On Tue, May 10, 2011 at 12:21 PM, Linda Culberson
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> All,
> This is probably a really stupid question, so I apologize. Where can I
> set a default hold period?  I know that the patron can set a "Hold not
> needed after" date,  but is there a way to set a default that the hold
> period isn't indefinite?
> Thanks.
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