[Koha] 3.2.x String Freeze and Roadmap Update

Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at foundations.edu
Mon May 9 23:55:53 NZST 2011

Hi All,

We are going to keep with May 15, 2011 for the 3.2.8 release which puts
3.2.x into a string freeze as of today. The 3.2.x branch has quite a few
commits since 3.2.7, so this will be an important release. 3.2.x will thaw
on May 16.

Subsequent 3.2.x releases will be largely dependent upon commits available
for back porting and patches submitted directly against the 3.2.x branch. At
present, the plan is to support 3.2.x through 3.2.10 *if* there are
commits/patches to do so. When we get to 3.2.10 or when it is clear we will
not get there, I'll add a monthly IRC meeting agenda item to discuss EOL for
the 3.2.x branch.

As always: Thanks to all the individuals who have put time, effort, and
money into making Koha a great ILS!

Kind Regards,
Chris Nighswonger
3.2.x/3.4.x Release Maintainer
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