[Koha] Reports returning different totals

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Fri May 6 07:05:13 NZST 2011

On 6 May 2011 06:59, Cindy Weber <cweber at scls.lib.wi.us> wrote:
> Thank you for the explanation!  Between your explanation and Beverly
> Church's I've managed to figure out the problem.  The top report listed
> the checkouts by the home library of the patron, not the checkout
> library so that was part of the issue.  The other is we do appear to be
> affected by the reporting bug as well.  There are thousands of renewals
> that show as having no agency code so they weren't included in the
> second report totals.
> Is there someplace else to get the renewal information?  I would think
> issues.lastrenewdate and old_issues.lastrenewdate would get me some of
> them but not if the item had been renewed twice.
Hi Cindy

The renewal information in the statistics table is more complete than
using the lastrenewate, all it is missing is the branch info. So I
would follow Owens suggestion for amending the report so it does a
left join and groups the renewals together under a null branch code.

If I remember correctly, the bug with renewals is limited only to
those renewed from the OPAC, and the sticking point for the fix is
what branch to store, since they aren't really renewing them from
anywhere. I think the consensus was to use the borrowers homebranch.

If people think this is a good enough fix, I could do a patch to get
that being stored and submit it for sign off today. I'm assuming the
PTFS fork pulls in code from actual Koha from time to time? If so,
they should be able to apply that fix there too.


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