[Koha] Koha Database Maintenance

ISM KIS ism at kis.in
Thu May 5 03:17:08 NZST 2011


Would you be willing to share your script to list problematic records?

I would be more than happy to try it.


>>> Tomas Cohen Arazi <tomascohen at gmail.com> 5/4/2011 7:00 PM >>>

On Wed, May 4, 2011 at 5:18 AM, ISM KIS <Ism at kis.in> wrote:
> Test upgrade to 3.4 showed that our database must have some corrupt records.
> Upgrading our current database fails on
>  misc/maintenance/remove_items_from_biblioitems.pl --run
> and on
>  misc/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r

It fails to remove items from 'biblioitems' table, and thus
rebuild_zebra.pl creates invalid records for exporting to zebra.

> However if I restore and upgrade an earlier version the upgrade is ok.

Exactly, thats because the older scripts manage the items inside
marc/marcxml accordingly.

> Is there a way to verify and clean-up a koha database?
> Any script to check the consistency?

I worked on some scripts for having the biblionumber list of
problematic records. Correcting them is something I delegate to our

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