[Koha] Changing output format for staff- and patron-generated lists

Owen Leonard oleonard at myacpl.org
Thu May 5 01:45:43 NZST 2011

> Is it possible to change the output format for lists generated in OPAC? Koha
> provides a link to email lists to other users, but, according to Koha, the
> lists are only viewable in ProCite, Reference Manager and EndNote. Is it
> possible to output these lists to other file formats, such as Excel or
> Access? Thanks!

Of  course it's possible, but it's a question of finding someone to
implement it. If you don't have the resources to develop a feature
like this in-house or sponsor someone else, you could at least get the
process started by filing an enhancement bug in Bugzilla.

Filing a bug gives you the opportunity to describe the feature you
want. Even if you can't sponsor the development filing a bug means
that Koha developers will hear about your idea and may take it up in
the future. It also gives other Koha users the chance to discuss the
feature and contribute ideas on how it should work.

For more about the process see http://www.myacpl.org/koha/?p=555

  -- Owen

Web Developer
Athens County Public Libraries

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