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Here's an interesting discussion/document showing Sirsi's perspective on the value of OSS vs proprietary. I think their take was pretty much totally wrong except for maybe UI. While Koha has impressive features and has already been proven in the real world, I think it could come a long way in terms of back-end UI, information architecture, and general website loading speed. When Wordpress upgraded their UI they jumped to 20,000,000 unique bloggers and 260,000,000 unique viewers a month. If we streamlined the back-end (I'm thinking about Drupal's dropdown menu for example, or wordpress's use of ajax) and came out with 3 different really nice OPAC themes (2 for web and 1 for mobile) I think people would start to not only see but know how customizable and forward thinking Koha really is. It's good to see memcached in 3.4 and the upgraded template system. This will probably help. As a web designer, this would be something I could contribute to I guess. I'm not good with perl.

And here I am spouting without even contributing a cent of code. Sorry, I love Koha though. It's really good.

Walker Blackwell
University of Vermont

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