[Koha] need help with OPAC/cataloging

James Ghiorzi JGhiorzi at lib.co.san-benito.ca.us
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Dear Margaret,

Are you clicking on save and edit items or just save and view record (I think that's the default).  Once you create the record you have to add the item to it will than have several subfields to fill for the item, one of which (for us its subfield o), full call number, once you click add item, it should appear on OPAC.


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good morning all,

I am using KOHA 3.2.7.  I am downloading from z39, filling in Items, saving it.  yet when I go to the OPAC to make sure it is there I am not getting any Holdings to come up-everything else is there.  students have to go to ISBD or MARC tabs to find call #.  what am I not doing?  thanks in advance.

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