[Koha] Inventory/Stocktaking Functions in Koha 3.02.06

Darcy Gullacher dgullacher at rockymountaincollege.ca
Tue May 3 09:04:27 NZST 2011

Good afternoon,

If anyone has used the Inventory/Stocktaking feature in Koha 3.02.06, I have
a few questions:

    - First of all, I loaded a same sample of 52 item barcodes using MS
Notepad. The load went fine, and the “Date Last Seen” updated to the current

- However, all that happens is “Date Last Seen” is updated. If an item is
not on the shelf, the tool does not indicate that an item is missing. Also,
if an item is mishelved but its barcode is scanned, then the “Date Last
Seen” is updated, but the tool does not indicate that the item is actually
mishelved. To do both an inventory and a shelf-reading, I'm assuming it
would be smarter to pull up a listing of items using call number range under
“Select items you want to check” and manually check for items instead of
loading a barcode file. Is this a correct assumption?

- What does the item statuses feature do? Every time I try to limit a search
by an item status I get no results. To my mind, this should limit search
results to items of a certain status.

- What do the “Inventory Date” and the “compare barcodes list to results”
features at the bottom third of the page do?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

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