[Koha] build_browser_and_cloud cronjob

Abdulsalam Yousef ayousef at kwareict.com
Wed Mar 30 20:10:43 NZDT 2011

Hi all,
i was trying to import authority records from marc records that already
loaded in my database
which will make a catalog for example of my authors  when browsing by
subject in opac then selecting the type as person_name by this command

./bin/cronjobs/build_browser_and_cloud.pl -f -b 100a -t 100 -c

i'm sure that i used this before and it gets the desired results

but now it doesn't get when using this command only it fills the tags table
not the auth_header one.
we are using koha 3.2.4 and another updated one to 3.2.5

thanks alot
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