[Koha] restrictions / not_loan

Owen Leonard oleonard at myacpl.org
Wed Mar 30 05:33:46 NZDT 2011

> a) we want to have a certain type of patron who can borrow books that are
> normally "not for loan"

One idea might be to create an item type for the books which will be
restricted and create a circulation rule which sets the allowable
amount of checkouts to 0 for all other patron types. When I tried this
and tried to check out the disallowed item to a patron without the
proper privilege I got a message, "This patron can't check out this
item per library circulation policy." However, it gave me the option
to override so that may not be ideal for you.

> can i do that by making this a staff patron and then catalog a book as a NOT_LOAN value 2?

You can create custom values for notforloan, but I think they're all
treated the same in terms of blocking the item from being circulated.
I'm not aware of a way to set a patron category so that you can
circulate notforloan items to them. The "staff collection" value is
really just an example of how you can create custom labels for
notforloan items. The different values > 0 don't have different
effects on circulation policy.

> b) what exactly are the restrictions in 952$5 and how exactly are they used?

As far as I know nothing in Koha's code uses 952$5 for any kind of
policy restriction. As far as Koha is concerned it is informational

  -- Owen

Web Developer
Athens County Public Libraries

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