[Koha] koha 3.0 to 3.2 - Unable to add item

Frédéric Demians frederic at tamil.fr
Wed Mar 23 05:37:46 NZDT 2011

 > Since i have upgraded koha to 3.2 (actually 3.2.5)  from 3.0.5 i am
 > unable to add an item to a notice (biblioitems) : no error message -
 > nothing in the logs ...
 > I can add without problem a new biblioitems by cataloging

Could you be more specific? Do you mean that you click on Edit > Edit
Items and then you fill the Add Item form and then you click on Save? If
your new item can't be added, there is necessarily an error message
somewhere in a log file.

 > (sorry I use koha in french and on Ubuntu 10.04)

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Frédéric DEMIANS

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