[Koha] Idiot's Guide to Koha

James Beaton jbeaton at thepipingcentre.co.uk
Wed Mar 23 04:43:47 NZDT 2011

Good Afternoon All


I have been on the list before briefly - however we have now downloaded and
installed Koha, and need to get up and running. I am wondering if there is
an idiot's guide out there. My key issue at the moment is that I am having
problems setting up the name authority file, and need some guidance - any
pointer would be gratefully received.




James Beaton

The Library

The National Piping Centre

30-34 McPhater Street


G4 0HW


t. +44 (0) 141 353 0220

f. +44 (0) 141 353 1570




The National Piping Centre Ltd.  Registered in Scotland no. 139271, Charity
no. 020391

The Piping Centre Trading Ltd. Registered in Scotland no. 162342

Glasgow International Piping Festival.  Registered in Scotland no. 256248,
Charity no. 34875


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