[Koha] Search Not working

Ernie Penner erniepenner at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 22:32:07 NZDT 2011


I have just installed Koha 3.2.5 on the library server (using Debian
Squeeze).  I like what I can do with KOHA and am excited about all the
things this package can do. The Library staff too is excited but I do
have one glitch. I have a 'search' problem.  I can not pull up any
records via search (even if I know what the bar code is of a book that
I entered OR the title of the book entered).  This problem is on both
the patron page or on Librarian Page.  I have tried to run
rebuild_zebra and still there is no change in the search.  I know I
have successfully imported MARC records but yet recieve 'no matches

How do I fix this? What is the fix for this?  Which documentation
should I be looking that would be of help in my situation.


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