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That's kind of surprising, I have been playing around a bit on my test box and for me Library of Congress numbers never seem to get split. They usually come in this format: 917.1/0022/2 which always shows up on my labels as 917.100222 and that is obviously too long.

But you gave me an idea, and when I replace the '/' with a space in the itemcallnumber the numbers obediently split. For me that works with text as well as numbers.
I think it would be useful to be able to choose a separator character, something similar as you get when you import csv files in Base or Excel.
(On Koha

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Since splitting call numbers has come up, can anyone tell me what to do 
with a non-classification number call number? My Library of Congress 
numbers split mostly OK but my fiction just uses three letters of the 
author's surname, i.e. FIC SMI for "Fiction Collection" author "Smith." 
No matter what I do I can't get the spine labels to print as follows:


Any suggestions?
Anne Warrington
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