[Koha] what barcode system to use

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Hi Klass,

Only Codabar or code 39
with a total of 14 digits including the check digit validation.
Yo need to ask for labels for books!



From: klaas.chielens at vub.ac.be
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 11:29:57 +0100
To: Koha at lists.katipo.co.nz
Subject: [Koha] what barcode system to use

Dear all,

We have decided upon ordering barcodes to mark our books. Do you have suggestions as to where the best deals can be found for custom barcodes as well as what system of barcodes to use? I found a supplier ("The Library Store") which offers 
code 39codabarfollett style "interleaved 2 of 5"mod-43 mod-10

as we don't have any previous barcodes to deal with, could you suggest me what works well (and more or less why?)


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