[Koha] Idea: Basing Cart off Items instead of Biblios

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Fri Mar 11 04:55:58 NZDT 2011

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 10:14 PM, Harris, Gary, DCA
<Gary.Harris at state.nm.us> wrote:
> If the items attached to a biblio are for a best seller, patrons DO WANT a bib level hold. They don't care which particular item is received because they want to read the first available copy (item returned first).
> Item specific holds become necessary for multi-volume sets or a particular format, or a particlar part of a series.

In my case the "particular format" actually determines the usability
of the item for that patron. Maybe not as extreme as the Braille
release of the latest Harry Potter, but "Xbox 360" vs "Playstation3"
is pretty similar.

Of course, I could choose to make these separate records at the biblio
level, but then I create a nightmare of data maintenance, probably
have to disable lists and tagging. In either case I have to make the
decision before I actually start cataloging the collection or I'm
creating a lot of double-work to change my mind!

Regarding the hold feature from the patron's POV - IMO the ideal would
be - user goes to place a hold on a resource and up pops "would like
your hold to apply to the next copy of this title that becomes
available (any item), or to a specific copy?"

With the former being the default?

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