[Koha] need help with report

ksckemperman at chartermi.net ksckemperman at chartermi.net
Wed Mar 9 02:12:24 NZDT 2011

We've just had our first week checking out books with Koha and it went 
very well - woohoo!

I have a report to list the students in each class.  I noticed that 
after the first week of checkouts, the report is listing the name of 
each student that checked out a book twice, even after the book is 
checked in.  To clarify, this report is just a list of each student in 
each class, not anything about books checked out, etc.  I can't figure 
out what to edit in the SQL so that I get just one line per student - 
any ideas?  This is the SQL for the 1st grade list:

FROM borrowers LEFT JOIN statistics on 
(statistics.borrowernumber=borrowers.borrowernumber)  LEFT JOIN items on 
(items.itemnumber = statistics.itemnumber) LEFT JOIN biblioitems on 
(biblioitems.biblioitemnumber = items.biblioitemnumber) WHERE 
ORDER BY borrowers.surname,borrowers.firstname

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